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Who We Are

As former Sheriff of Jackson County Kansas, I received many requests for our drug K9s to check private houses, private businesses and other areas of the private sector for drugs that would affect lives and businesses. Police agency cannot use their K9s for private individuals or businesses as their insurance will not allow it.  We at PDDS work and are insured as a Private Detectives licensed by the state of Kansas. We are designed to help private individuals and businesses stay Drug Free.

Meet the Team


Al Loveall


Al has been training dogs for about 15 years. Al trains dogs for Police departments as well as private individuals. Training includes Apprehension, Drug Detection as well as obedience. Al’s dogs have earned several top awards in K9 competition. The awards were in Drug Detection and Apprehension. Al has also spent 7 years as a Shawnee County Sheriff Reserve Deputy.


Rebecca Tomlinson

Co-Owner of PDDS

Becky is training to be a Drug Dog handler. Along with this new field Becky is a Show Dog Trainer and Groomer. Becky got into the Dog Show world after being hired to work a case as a Private Detective involving the loss and death of a Champion Show Dog. After retiring from being a Private Detective after 15 years, Becky started her own Show Dog Kennel, “ChinAngels.” She shows and grooms Golden Retrievers, Long Coat Chihuahua’s and Japanese Chins.


Bruce Tomlinson

Co-Owner of PDDS

Bruce is a Licensed Private Detective in Kansas and has owned T&T Investigation for 19 years. He has a Criminal Justice Degree from Washburn University and interned at Washburn as a Private Detective. Bruce is a former Deputy Sheriff in Shawnee County Kansas and is also the former Sheriff of Jackson County Kansas. Bruce started PDDS because he saw a need for private drug searches outside of the Criminal Justice System. Many times drug problems can be solved and treated without an arrest and a person being put into an already overcrowded and understaffed criminal justice system when other assistance would be more productive.

Private and Confidential

Searches are never shared with anyone except the client. Since we are part of a Private Detective Agency, confidentiality is ensured under Kansas Statutes.

Trained and Certified

All dogs are trained and certified to detect MDMA (Ecstasy), Cocaine, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, and Heroin. The dogs are certified by Robert Smith, Master Trainer.

Indoor or Outdoor

We search where your drug problem may be. Homes, Businesses, Locker Rooms, Vehicles and Outbuildings.

Concerned About Your Home or Workplace?

Private Drug Dog Services Can Help


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