Trained and Certified Detection Canines

Trained and Certified K9 Drug dogs

Our dogs are trained in a professional and accredited manner. Before our dogs are allowed to search your home or business they are accredited and certified by Robert Smith, Master Trainer from Frog Valley K-9’s LLC.

Meet Our Dogs



Belgian Malinois
Renny is trained to detect marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy cocaine, and heroin. Renny has been detecting drugs for 5 years and has also competed in the 4 State K9 association and has taken 1st place in Detection.


Golden Retriever
Ruby is the newest member of PDDS and has begun her training as a Drug detection dog. In addition to her drug training, Ruby also is an AKC Registered Show dog and competes in Confirmation across the country.


Belgian Malinios / Dutch Shepherd
Bane has been detecting drugs for 3 years. Bain has also competed in the 4 State K9 Association taking 1st place in Detection and Apprehension.

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