Private K-9 Services

Private K-9 Services

PDDS offers many searches to fit your situation. If you are a home owner we can come into your home and search for locations that a child, spouse or live-in relative may be storing and using drugs. With permission of the resident of any address we can search for drugs that pertain to the safety of a child in a custody situation.

If you are a landlord or apartment complex we may be able search areas that may contain drugs without having to go into the apartment or rental property. This will give a landlord a reason to inspect the property more closely.

In businesses we will be able to help you keep you workplace drug free. If employees are storing or using drugs accidents will happen and productivity will suffer.  If you have a question as to whether or not an employee is at risk for using drugs in the work place, we may be able to help keep your business safe and drug free.

Private and Confidential

Searches are never shared with anyone except the client. Since we are part of a Private Detective Agency, confidentiality is ensured under Kansas Statutes.

Trained and Certified

All dogs are trained and certified to detect MDMA (Ecstasy), Cocaine, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, and Heroin. The dogs are certified by Robert Smith, Master Trainer.

Indoor or Outdoor

We search where your drug problem may be. Homes, Businesses, Locker Rooms, Vehicles and Outbuildings.

Concerned About Your Home or Workplace?

Private Drug Dog Services Can Help


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