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Safety in the work place is paramount to all business owners. One of the ways to keep a business working environment safe is to practice a Drug Free Work Place. We know that every work place is a Drug Free zone, but there are many times the drugs slip in and are either used at the work place or on the way to the work place or on the way home.

Private Drug Dog Services can search your business for stored drugs or drugs carried in by backpack or lunch pail. We can even search your parking lot to see if drugs are being stored in cars, trucks or vans on the lot.

PDDS does not call the police unless you request us to. Most of the time someone that is in violation may be able to get help through the company or on their own without being thrown into the criminal justice system.

All Results are Confidential - You Decide How To Act.

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    Common areas, desks and workstations, locker rooms, and building exteriors

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    Warehouses and Factories

    Workspaces, factory and warehouse floors and storage areas, parking lots, and vehicles

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    Company Vehicles

    Employee cars, delivery vans, trucks, and factory equipment


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